Avoid These Things To Get Good Quality Sleep

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To Get Good Quality Sleep, Avoid These Things

bedTo get good quality sleep, there are some things that should not be done before you go to bed:

Cardio sports
Regular exercise is one of the keys in order to get good quality sleep. But doing cardio exercise shortly before going to bed, is not a good idea. In addition to requiring food intake after exercise, the heart also needs time to restore the pulse and restore energy. If you are going to work out at night, you should take three hours before bedtime.

Play gadgets
Play gadgets or ‘ surf ‘ in cyberspace is a habit that is often done by many people. Blue ray will stimulate the brain and make the body more difficult to relax.

Eating greasy food
Heavy and greasy foods will not only make you lethargic the next day but also create extra work for stomach digest food, causing discomfort, and make any sleep difficult. Therefore, stay away from fast food, ice cream, and other sugary foods.

Too late to finish a job
If you are going to do a big meeting in the morning, you’d better get some work done and your obligations for it after dinner. Make sure you can finish it one hour before bedtime, so that your brain can rest. So, you can sleep with the feeling of calm and not afraid of tomorrow.

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Bad Mood
Avoid things that make you hurt or be a bad mood. Take a relaxing activity before bed, such as drinking herbal teas, hot showers, or do stretching.

Drink caffeine
Caffeine in coffee, tea, even chocolate is intake that could keep you awake longer than what was planned. How much caffeine in the body, depending on you, but it would be nice if not drinking the caffeine just before you go to sleep. You can do it two or three hours before going to bed.