How to Increase Your Children’s Intelligence

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How to Increase Your Children’s Intelligence

Intelligence is not solely due to genetic factors. The pattern of teaching since childhood was also influential in shaping a child’s intelligence. Some of this you can apply to increase the intelligence of the child.

child1. Innovative

Don’t make it a habit always to obey the wishes of the child. Occasionally, a parent can give a child the challenge to be able to get what they want with the effort. Indirectly, the parents have to teach a child to think innovative.

2. Demands for superior

During in a positive context, creating a competitive environment helps boost children’s intelligence. For example, parents give gifts to the children who managed to get a high score. Thus, children have the motivation to be top achiever.

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3. Language
Teach children a minimum of two languages. Some studies show that master two languages or more give unique cognitive benefit.