Can You Put Essential Oils on Your Skin

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Can You Put Essential Oils on Your Skin

Essential oil is important material used for aromatherapy or beauty treatments. However, can you put essential oils on your skin directly? Essential oil itself is high concentrated oil manufactured from certain ingredients. For instance, the amount of peppermint leaves used to create one pound of peppermint oil is up to 256 pounds. It means that the concentration of peppermint essential oil is extremely high. Therefore, putting it into your skin directly is not advisable. Here is how you can use any types of essential oil in safe manner.

Safe Way to Use Essential Oils

  1. Diffused essential oil
    Diffused essential oil is associated with the use of essential oil as aromatherapy. The concentration of essential oil used for this therapeutic reason is reduced by combining it to carrier oil. Carrier oil used on aromatherapy is not only reducing the concentration of essential oil, but also improving the therapeutic benefit of it as well.
  2. Diluted essential oil
    Can you put essential oils on your skin without it being diluted first? Undiluted essential oil will bring harmful effect to your skin. Diluting essential oil is often performed by using other oil. Jojoba oil, coconut oil, and olive oil are common carrier used to dilute essential oil. Essential oil that is already diluted is used for topical application. Before diluting any essential oil, it is important to make sure you use proper ratio of the oil used.
  3. Essential oil use under expert supervision
    Expert supervision is required for essential oil application. The experts who are often dealing with the use of essential oil are including aroma therapist, doctor, and herbalist. Those experts should not only be qualified to do the application, but also certified as well. You need to make sure that professional experts know what they are doing before using the essential oil in your skin.
  4. Essential oil stored in safe container
    If you need to know about can you put essential oils on your skin directly, you need to understand the proper way to store it first. There are many ways that you can do to store liquid. Plastic container is definitely not recommended way to store essential oil. Undiluted essential oil will disintegrate the plastic container. Even diluted essential oil is able to erode plastic container over time. Essential oil is often stored inside glass container to for aesthetic reason only. Undiluted or diluted version of essential oil will not disintegrate the structure of glass container. Therefore, it is safe to store.
  5. Essential oil use during pregnancy
    The ability to affecting hormone makes essential oil is not recommended to use during pregnancy. If you want to use essential oil, it is important to make sure that experts supervise it. Most importantly, you need to use safe essential oil that will not affect your hormone during the process.
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Using essential oil recklessly might cause harmful effect on your body. Aside from allergic reaction, irritation, and some other fatal effect might occur after the application of essential oil directly to your skin. If you are wondering whether can you put essential oils on your skin, the answer is depend on what kind of essential oils you use.