How Long Throat Will be Sore after Endoscopy

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How Long Throat Will be Sore after Endoscopy

Endoscopy or otherwise known as gastroscopy is common practice to monitor what is happening inside your stomach. Despite being useful, it comes with some side effects. One of the side effects is sore throat. Fortunately, healing sore throat is not much of a problem. That being said, how long is throat sore after endoscopy last? The pain caused by sore throat often healed in matter of days. Since sore throat is not only painful, but also annoying, you may want to get rid of it faster. Here is the categorization of sore throat period before it is completely healed. The list contains explanation on what you should do as well.

The Duration of Sore Throat Period

  1. Less than a day. People who go under endoscopy might experience sore throat that last for less than a day. This condition is considered as something normal as it is immediate respond of your body after endoscopy. People who experience this case of sore throat commonly have better health condition before they go for endoscopy procedure. Moreover, the sore throat in this category is mild. In most cases, it is healed by itself within hours.
  2. 1-2 days. Some people experience sore throat that last for 1-2 days. In this case of how long is throat sore after endoscopy last, people who go under endoscopy procedure already have health problem with their throat before the endoscopy begins. The health problem occurs on their throat is caused by bacteria. Endoscopy period encourage the throat to develop sore. It should be gone after you take antibiotics.
  3. 3-5 days. If the sore throat that occurs after endoscopy last for 3-5 days, it means the people who go under endoscopy procedure have sensitive throat condition. There is nothing wrong about sensitive throat condition. The throat is reacting to external objects such as apparatus used on the endoscopy procedure. The sore throat is not on severe condition. That being said, contacting doctor who suggests the endoscopy is highly advisable in this rate.
  4. 5-7 days. It should come as no surprise that the sore throat of people going under endoscopy procedure might last for 5-7 days. Talking about the duration of how long is throat sore after endoscopy last, this case is considered as severe condition. There is a chance that the body cannot heal sore throat easily. It is advisable to consult this condition to the doctor. During the consultation, make sure that you mention your endoscopy procedure before the sore throat appears.
  5. Over a week. If the duration of sore throat that happens after endoscopy last for over a week, it is considered as severe condition as well. It is mostly caused by endoscopy procedure that is not performed properly. Improper procedure of endoscopy is fatal to your throat condition. Contacting your doctor is highly recommended on this stage.
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As you can see, the duration of how long is throat sore after endoscopy last on one person to another is different. It is mostly contributed by the health of the same person prior to the endoscopy procedure.

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