Coconut Oil for Cats Is It Safe

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Coconut Oil for Cats Is It Safe

Recently, coconut oils have gained popularity as food with various health benefits. Such natural and oil extracted from coconut is not useful just for people. It can be used on cats for treating several symptoms and condition. However, some people still wonder about coconut oil for cats is it safe. Is it okay to use this ingredient for cats? You want to ensure the safety of your pets by asking this question. Now you can feel relief because it is true that this kind of oil is useful for treatment on cats. Let’s check it out below if you want to know further about its benefits and application.

Coconut Oil for Cats Is It Safe: Cats Treatments and Caution

In order to understand about coconut oil for cats is it safe; you should know how it works and how to use it. Different health benefit of coconut oil will be applied through different procedure.

  • Moisturizer. Coconut oil for cats is it safe to use it as moisturizer? Yes, of course. This oil has been known for its wonderful works to hydrate human’s skin. Besides, your lovely cats will also be able to reap this benefit. Number of factor may contribute to cause problems related to cat’s coat or skin. Your pet may also suffer from flaky and dry skin or even dull fur. Find out the difference result to treat such problem after applying coconut oil. It could be applied topically or given orally that will assist improving coat condition or skin. Use ½ teaspoon of coconut oil and put it into cat’s food every day. You may rub it between your hands and then apply over cat’s skin to make it soft. Make sure that your cat will not lick this oil after it is applied topically.
  • Relieve constipation. If you use coconut oil for cats is it safe as well to relive constipation on your pets? Coconut oil can easily absorb in digestive tract. This ingredient is one of safe ways for your cats to relieve them from constipation. The fatty acids and moisture presented in coconut oil help moving along stools which are backed up in intestinal tract. Give your cat ½ teaspoons per ten pounds of weight once each day. Your cat is still allowed to lick the oil off spoon. Alternatively, mix the ingredient in their foods. However, if the pets do not show side effect but they still suffer from constipation, you are allowed to increase coconut oil intake with same amount but given twice a day. Aside from its benefit as moisturizer and to relive constipation, coconut oil is beneficial as well for hairballs remedy, gingivitis treatment, etc.
  • Caution. Due to fatty nature of coconut oil, gradual and small use of it would be recommended. Regular usage of coconut oil for cats may lead you to be aware to some potential issues. The excessive use may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or other issues related to digestion. You better avoid using this oil if they have liver problems. Kind of coconut oil used is the one which is virgin pure oil (non-hydrogenated). You must not force your pet to consume this oil since it may cause pneumonia if your cat aspirates it. You should consult with veterinarian firstly before adding this ingredient into cat’s diet. Coconut oil for cats is it safe? The answer would be yes as long as you know your cat’s condition and follow the instruction or advice properly.