Doterra Essential Oil for Earache

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Doterra Essential Oil for Earache

It must be painful when you are having earache. The pain can come and go or may be constant. This can affect just one ear or both ears. There is doterra essential oil for earache that you can use to help treating this problem. What kind of essential oil is helpful for earache? Pay attention to the following explanation.

Try Essential Oil from Doterra for Earache Treatment

  1. Lavender oil. There is some doterra essential oil for earache. The first one is lavender essential oil or Lavendula angustifolia. This ingredient is considered as necessary oil to use in many cases when it is needed. It has relaxing and calming properties which are able to promote ease feelings as well. One of the primary benefits of doterra lavender oil is to soothe skin irritations which may happen occasionally. Beneficial property presented by this oil will be useful for earache. The essential oil of lavender itself has been used since ancient times by Romans and Egyptians. They even use this oil for relaxation, perfume, and cooking. You can also use this ingredient to help reducing skin imperfections.
  2. Tea tree oil. The next doterra essential oil for earache is tea tree oil or also known as Melaleuca alternifolia. This ingredient has purifying qualities that make it useful to clean the skin surface and to promote immune function to be healthy. Besides, it is also beneficial to protect against seasonal and environmental threats. Tea tree essential oil has more than ninety two different compounds. It can be used for limitless applications. Tea tree leaves had been used by Aborigines for centuries to apply directly on skin for cooling effect. This oil can purify and clean the skin to support healthy complexion. It promotes immune function to be healthy which is helpful to treat earache. You can use it for skin irritation by soothing the affected area.
  3. Purify oil. Another doterra essential oil for earache you can try is purifying cleansing blend which presents the combination of several essential oils. It has the combination of pine, citrus, lemon, lime, cilantro, citronella (see Wikipedia: citronella), and tea tree essential oil. The soothing effect and other properties provided in purify oil from dottera may help treating earache.
  4. How to use it. For earache, you need to use cotton circle with round shape which is better than cotton ball in this case. The use of cotton circle will help you not wasting more products. After that, fold cotton circle in half and then half again. The next step, take one of essential oils mentioned above as much as to drops on tip part of cotton pad. You should insert it inside your ear. Never put this oil down directly into your ear, but use cotton pad as the medium.
  5. The mixture of coconut oil and lemon oil. Doterra has lemon and coconut oil as well. After applying cotton pad, continue with this step. Take a little drop of coconut oil and lemon oil into your palm. Mix them together. You should rub this mixture from ear side towards your face above jaw bone in downward motion. Continue to rub the mixture of doterra essential oil for earache down your neck. Rub it behind your ear area as well. If it is needed, you can use more oil mixture.
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