How to Get Rid of Roaches in Kitchen Naturally

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How to Get Rid of Roaches in My Kitchen Naturally

Many people want to know about how to get rid of roaches in kitchen. Kitchen is important part of our home, and we may feel so frustration when finding roaches in our kitchen. Many people are afraid of roaches and feel so desperate when finding roaches in their home. How to do to get rid of roaches in the kitchen? Find the answer by reading some information below.

The Causes of Roaches in the Kitchen

Before knowing the tips to get rid of roaches in the kitchen, let’s we talk about the causes of roaches in the kitchen. When you know the causes, you can prevent roaches to not enter your home anymore.

Actually, there are so many reasons or causes of roaches in the kitchen. There are many people who ask, “Why there are small roaches in my kitchen? Actually, roaches can be caused by the factors below:

  1. Dirty Environment. Look at your kitchen and see the condition of your kitchen. If you think that your kitchen looks dirty, it is the cause of roaches in your kitchen. Roaches like dirty environment. To prevent roaches, you have to make sure that your kitchen is clean.
  2. Remaining Food. Other cause of roaches in kitchen is remaining food. You may save some foods in open bowl or storage. It will attract roaches to enter your kitchen. So, make sure you always save your food into closed storage.
  3. Small Gap. Many people think that their home is so clean, but they still find roaches in their home or kitchen. It may make them so confuse. Actually, roaches don’t need big gap to enter your home. If your home has small gap, it will attract roaches to enter it and finally stay at your home or kitchen. Not only that, roaches are easy to breed, and they can breed in every space at your home.

Tips to Get Rid Of Roaches in Kitchen Naturally

When you find so many roaches in your kitchen, it means you need perfect way to get rid of it. Actually, there are so many natural tips to get rid of roaches. You can use some tips below:

  1. Ammonia. Ammonia is effective solution to get rid of roaches in the kitchen. As mentioned above, roaches can enter your home through small gap such as drainage pipes. So, we have to make sure that drainage pipes in our home don’t attract roaches to enter it. How to do it? It is so simple. You just need to use ammonia. Mix ammonia with water, and then use it to clean drainage pipes. Roaches hate ammonia smell, and it will make roaches will not enter drainage pipes. Finally, you will not find roaches in your kitchen anymore.
  2. Aromatherapy Oil. Do you have aromatherapy oil? This oil is effective to get rid of roaches in the kitchen. You are better to use mint aromatherapy because it is more effective to get rid of roaches. Just spray aromatherapy oil to every space in your kitchen. This tip may not make roaches killed immediately. But, if you do it routinely, roaches will be killed entirely. So, this tip is recommended for you who want to kill roaches perfectly without using difficult steps.
  3. Mouthwash. Not only using aromatherapy, you can also use mouthwash to get rid of roaches in the kitchen. Do you have mouthwash? This mouth cleaner is so effective to get rid of roaches in the kitchen. Same with the tip mentioned before, you just need to spray mouthwash to area in your kitchen. Or, you can spray it to the area where you often see roaches. Finally, the active substance in the mouthwash will kill roaches in the kitchen and your kitchen will be free of roaches.
  4. Grease. Other simple and smart tip to get rid of roaches in the kitchen is using grease. Actually, grease is so effective to kill roaches. For using this tip, you just need to prepare some tools such as clear jar, food and grease. Put the food into the jar, and then smear inside of the jar using grease. Put the jar in the area where you usually see roaches. Let it for 1 night. In the morning, you will see many roaches in the jar that have killed because of grease. It is easy tip you can use as soon as possible because so simple and effective to kill roaches in your kitchen.
  5. Whitener. It is also other tip you can use for getting rid of roaches in your kitchen. How to get rid of small roaches in my kitchen? When this question appears, you just need to use whitener to kill all small roaches in your kitchen. Just mix whitener with water, and then pour it on kitchen floor.
  6. Lemon. Lemon has been used by many people to kill bacteria. As we know that lemon can kill bacteria and germ. Lemon also added into detergent or soap because it can kill bacteria effectively. Actually, lemon is not only good for killing bacteria, but it is also good to kill roaches. Whenever you mop your kitchen floor, you can add lemon water into mop solution. Finally, your kitchen floor will contain lemon scent. Roaches don’t like lemon scent, and finally the roaches will not want to stay at your kitchen anymore.
  7. Cucumber. It is also good tip you can try as soon as possible. Using cucumber to kill roaches in the kitchen is the simplest way you can try. Just cut cucumber into some pieces, and put every piece in the kitchen corner. Roaches don’t like cucumber smell, and finally roaches will go away from your kitchen.
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Well, those are some information for you about how to get rid of roaches in the kitchen. You can use some tips above to get rid of roaches in the kitchen. Every tip is easy to use and effective to kill roaches. With the tip about how to get rid of roaches in kitchen above, hopefully your kitchen will be free of roaches.