How to Get Rid Of a Goose Egg First Three Steps

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How to Get Rid Of a Goose Egg First Three Steps

A goose egg occurs when there is a trauma in your forehead that causes some blood vessels to swell. This forehead lump can be pretty disturbing, thus this article will discuss further on how to get rid of a goose egg. A goose egg itself is more familiar with the name hematoma. Most of the time, hematoma doesn’t really require special medical treatment for it is not considered to be a serious condition. However, there are times when this hematoma doesn’t disintegrate by itself and instead it gets harden. This condition is called calcified hematoma. Hematoma is known to affect children more than adults, but don’t need to worry because it’s a normal condition and most of the time it can dissolve by itself.

The Effective Ways on How to Get Rid Of a Goose Egg

There are ways to treat goose egg you can do at your home. Usually it is pretty simple and only needs a couple of available home remedy. Listed below are ways to treat hematoma by yourself:

  • Compress an ice pack on the forehead. The usage of ice packs on affected area can help to reduce swelling of your blood vessels. It also helps to decrease inflammation on your forehead, which causes the burning feeling on the surrounding area. This kind of method should be done in the first 24 hours of known symptom to slow down further implication. Make sure to not directly apply ice pack to the affected area because it can cause a cold burn. Instead, use a small cloth as a medium that separates contact of ice pack and your skin directly. You only need to compress it for twenty minutes. Repeat if necessary.
  • Apply hot fomentation on affected area. Other ways on how to get rid of a goose egg is to apply hot fomentation on your injured forehead. This method can help increase your blood circulation, thus helping you to heal faster from the injury. However, you should not apply this for more than 15 minutes, because it can cause further inflammation on your skin. Only apply it for approximately 10 minutes, and repeat the process if necessary. You should do this method after the preceding 24 hours ice pack treatment.
  • Use homeopathic drugs. If both methods didn’t exactly work, you should consult your doctor on using homeopathic drugs. This kind of drugs can be effective in treating hematoma or goose egg. It helps to decrease the pain and reduce swelling. This method is believed to be more effective and beneficial to your body rather than just compressing with cold and hot stuff. It is believed to be able to heal a goose egg much faster than any method. However, before you start using one it is much better if you consult with a doctor first to avoid further complication.
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Remember that above methods are recommended only if you experience the mild case of goose egg. If drowsiness and nauseatic feeling appear on the next 24 hours of first symptom, you should immediately seek for medical attention for more advanced way on how to get rid of a goose egg.

Image attribution: By Klaus D. Peter, Gummersbach, Germany (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 de], via Wikimedia Commons