How to Get Rid Of Barn Swallows On Porch

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How to Get Rid Of Barn Swallows On Porch

Maybe, you have been thinking how to get rid of barn swallows on porch. Barn swallows are actually beautiful creatures. But they also damage your home, especially porch since they might ruin it, leaving the corrosive dirt and really annoying. They eat huge quantities of insects but also become pests by building mud nest on the building. Their feces cause some serious health problems.

It is quite difficult to drive the barn swallows away since their existence is protected by the Federal law. You may prevent them, but removing the nest cannot be done easily. You are not allowed to remove the nests once eggs are laid inside until the chicks hatched and left the nest. When you have removed the nest with no eggs, you might find another in different area since they can build a nest quickly, which is in less than 24 hours. And the porch is a common place where they build their nests. So, how to get rid of barn swallows on porch safely?

How to Get Rid of Barn Swallows on Porch Safely

If you are planning to dissipate the barn swallows but afraid of breaking the low, note some tricks below:

  1. Remove all old vacant nests and also clean all feathers and droppings. It is very important to prevent it being reused. Don’t forget to use a cleaning solution and repaint the surface of the area where the barn swallows built the nests.
  2. Find out what things attract their attention. It will be easier to repel the barn swallows if you know what makes them come to your dweller. Though some parts of house and porch can’t be replaced, there are some tricks to modify your porch to make it unfriendly to the barn swallows.  These birds are very tricky to treat. They can really block off the access to the certain areas such tricky building side and other narrow crevices.  Therefore, a certain installation might be a good trick. Therefore, the bird netting can be one of the helpful solutions
  3. Get rid of any water sources. Make sure you already relieved all the water sources around your porch, such as puddle or water containers. If there is not any water source, the barn swallows will move.
  4. If your porch is already clean, prevent the barn swallows return. You can install a kind of exterminator on the perch. Put the spokes on the ledge and window sill. A vertical sharp shape avoids them to perch. It is very easy to install and also requires a little maintenance. Clean the leaves or debris trapped between the nails. If you live in a densely populated area, in addition to installing nails on the windowsill and porch, attach the spikes around the roof.
  5. Install the visual repellent.  You can install a plastic predator around the porch to scare the barn swallows.  Although this type of repellent has the advantage of being a cheap non-toxic repellent, it will lose its effectiveness easily because the barn swallows will feel familiar with the object. Try to use owl-shaped plastic, snakes, wild dogs or swan predators. You should move the objects regularly. If you don’t, they will know that the objects are artificial.
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However, you should really understand and aware that the barn swallows also play an important role in ecosystem. Some easy tricks about how to get rid of barn swallows on porch above might not be 100 percent effective. Yet, those ways are better and safer than any other rough ways such as using some chemical substances to drive them away that cause the death of the barn swallows.