How to Get Rid Of Body Lice on Furniture

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How to Get Rid Of Body Lice on Furniture

Body lice on furniture are common due to friendly environment to lay their eggs. How to get rid of body lice on furniture? For this question, you need to know preliminary information regarding body lice. Eggs will stay on furniture for about two weeks before turn into full-grown body lice. This is thing is part of insect or bug which very tiny size. You might see directly when lice is dull of blood after absorb from human. It is not common body to lay eggs on human body because easy to be detected.

Treatments In How to Get Rid Of Body Lice On Furniture

  1. Give more lighting. Dark place with less lighting is favorite place to lays their egg. You may find these lice on pillow, mattress, or blanket with less contact into direct sunlight. The simple way to handle this problem is to give more light for certain part of furniture. Remove furniture from regular position then let sunlight reach its area. It is like sub bathing for furniture, but main intention is to dissolve eggs of body lice. Excess lighting increases temperature and eggs will be dormant without capability to turn into body lice. Your task is not finish and next step provide several options to follow.
  2. Essential oil. Creating unfriendly environment is easy way to protect furniture from body lice. You can use essential oil such as lavender or tea tree oil to handle this task. How to get rid of body lice on furniture using essential oils? Prepare spray tool and mix oil into warm water. Spray and spread evenly on area where you see body lice. If you do not have time to wash or change mattress or pillow, this method comes in handy.
  3. Wash and vacuum. The most effective way to overcome lice issue is washing and vacuum. You can use specific detergent to kill lice when putting on washing machine. Be careful for material of your linen before using such detergent. Vacuum is more practical for furniture such as sofa where people cannot wash directly. Washing and vacuum process should be on your schedule regularly such once per two days. When lice are at peak level, you need to do once a day.
  4. Change regularly. Another way to get rid of body lice on furniture is changing regularly. It is not practical for sofa or mattress, but you can try for small stuffs. Change new cover for mattress to avoid body lice produces eggs.
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Furniture is good way for body lice to hide their eggs. After they are ready, those new lice will infect human body when someone sits on couch or sleeping on mattress. That is why you need remedy to handle such problem. How to get rid of body lice on furniture? Those five answers are good to apply at home.