How to Get Rid of Earwax

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A Discussion of Earwax, The Disease, And How to Get Rid of Earwax

How to get rid of earwax often comes up on people’s mind. It is because in cleaning the ear wax, it sometimes causes some damages and pains in the ear. Some people usually use cotton bud, while the fact shows that using cotton bud will not clear and clean the ear wax as a whole. Thus, this article will try to give you several information about what exactly earwax is, several tips that you can try in answering the question of how to get rid of earwax, and also what you do not have to do if you have problem caused by earwax. .

• What is earwax?
Earwax is a form of oil that is produce in your ears. This kind of oil is produced to protect your ears from everything that comes in to the ears like dust, water, and any other things. Some people may wonder that it will be dangerous or not, the truth shows that in a normal condition the earwax will come out naturally and then will be washed when you take a bath. However, the problem with earwax is started when your glands produce more earwax in the ear and it is not cleaned well, moreover if it is pushed by the dust or water that comes in to your ear. All these things can cause the pain in your ear, and it is one of many factors that cause a hearing loss

• Caused by earwax blockage
Actually, the presence of earwax in your ear is very normal, because it is produced by the glands in the deepest part of your ear. However, the blockage happens if the earwax exists too much in your ear. It is usually because the earwax that is pushed by the dust, air, or even water when you swim or take a bath. Another fact is some people believe that by using cotton bud can make the earwax to be cleaned, but the truth is the cotton bud will push it to be more further and deeper, and I is the cause of earwax blockage and another disease in your ears. The following points below are the answer of ‘how to get rid of earwax?’

• Make sure about the condition of ear
In this case, before continuing to the points of how to get rid of earwax, you need to make sure that your ear is healthy. It means, with some disease in the ear, cleaning your earwax can lead to some irritations or the other ills. It is very dangerous for those who have an irritation, because every ear’s disease is started from a small irritation. It will be better for you to check your ear first to an expert or a specialist doctor. Making sure about the condition of your ear is very important before cleaning the earwax in your ears.

• How to get rid of earwax by using solutions
The first solution that you can try is by using a salt and a half of glass warm water. Mix both two things in one place. In this case you can use a cotton bud or it will be better if you use the bigger one. Soak the cotton to the solution, after that squeezing the cotton until the water from it falls and comes to the ear that is suffered from ear wax. If you already feel that the water already comes in to the deeper part of the ear, tilt you head to the opposite way and wait until the solution draining out from your ear.

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Another solution that you can try is by using Hydrogen Peroxide (3%). The method is still the same with the previous solution. If you do not have those two things, you also can try another method which uses white vinegar and rubbing alcohol, baby oil, or mineral oil.

• Ask a specialist doctor
If you still cannot get rid of the earwax in 6your ear, you need to ask a doctor for some treatments. Doctor will use several; different methods, but at least the doctor know what kind of method that can fit to your ear condition. After it is solved, you need to go to check you rears up to the doctor at least two times in year. By checking it up, you will get several reports about your ear condition and will not get any disease in the ears.

• Don’t ever do these things
In doing the points of how to get rid of earwax, there are also several things that you are forbidden to do while you are in a treatment:

– First thing that you need to remember that cotton bud cannot clean the deepest part of your ear. It only cleans the surface part of your ear. You also is forbidden to force the cotton to clean your deeper part of the ear. This is the very first cause of the irritation in your ears.

– As we know that some people believe with using ear candles to get rid the ear wax. On the other hand, some experts do not recommend this method to be done. It is because ear candles can deposit the ear wax in the ear. Even this method is already proven by some patience; the research shows that it is also very dangerous for the ears. Another thing is that the ear candles, somehow, produces warm water which is can make your ear to be burnt. It is happened because some parts of your ears are very sensitive to the warm things, and if it happens, it will cause some disease to your ear.

– Do not force to spray any liquid to your ear. In this case, even some medicine is used by spraying the liquid to the ear; do not do that too often. This may cause some infections to the inner part of your ear. It is much better to do that by a guidance for an expert or a specialist doctor.

By knowing all those things, hopefully you can know several information about earwax, the disease caused by it, how to solve it, more over the answer of how to get rid of earwax in your ears. By reading this article, you will know, at least, the basic things about this earwax, and hopefully you will be able to solve the ill if it happens to you.