How to Get Rid of Mosquito Hawks

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How to Get Rid of Mosquito Hawks

Mosquito is one the most annoying animals in the world. There are many kinds of mosquito and one kind that we, most of the time, find the most annoying is mosquito hawks or often called mosquito eaters. This kind of mosquito is not harmful to human, but the idea to banish their presence is what makes your time well-spent. Therefore, the effective way on how to get rid of mosquito hawks is generally looked for. Here are some instructions to make mosquito hawks stay away from your home.

The Steps to How to Get Rid Of Mosquito Hawks

  1. Cleaning up. The first and foremost thing to do is preventing the mosquito from going back and staying around. Clean up all the rooms and their properties placed in each of the room. Mosquito hawks would like to stay and play around the moist and damp areas such those with deaf leaves or rooting limbs. Make sure to remove them from your yard or lawn. Put any waste into a bag and tie it very tightly. For natural waste such as leaves or limbs, you can bury them to reduce the manifestation of the mosquito. Use any protections and tools when cleaning up.
  2. Mowing the lawn regularly. Mow the lawn on regular basis will effectively help make the way to get rid of mosquito hawks mission successfully accomplished. Mosquitos hawks tend to lay their eggs on the grass, and when they hatch, they will transform into larvae burrowing under the soil until they become big enough and emerge as mosquito hawks. Cutting off the grass will lessen the chance for the mosquitos to lay the eggs on your grass-shortened lawn because the will look for another spot for the nest with the covers.
  3. Applying insecticide. Insecticide is a preventive way on how to get rid of mosquito hawks when there is a suspicion on some areas where it is more likely to be laid by the eggs. The signs of the mosquito’s manifestation might be the irregular brown patches and numerous larvae under the surface. Spread the insecticide all over the affected area even after the manifestation is gone to anticipate it from growing back again.
  4. Using a bug zapper. Bug zappers are the small lamp-like lights that can cost a small electrical charge to anything that touches them. This is very useful trick because mosquitos are mostly interested in the bright lights and they will die in no time once it lands on the bug zapper. Hang this bug zapper at the front of back door of your home.
  5. Using bug strips. This is more economical way to kill the mosquitos if you don’t have bug zapper. This trap is so sticky and will trap the insects while preventing them from laying the eggs. Replace the strips when there are already full of mosquitos.
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The most important in how to get rid of mosquito hawks is the regular hygienic maintenance of your own lawn and the area most likely to be a home for mosquitos’ hawks.

Image attribution: By IvyMike (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons