How to Get Rid Of Raccoons in My Yard

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How to Get Rid Of Raccoons in My Yard?

How to get rid of raccoons in my yard effectively? That’s question with several answers. For your information, it takes more than one method to handle this issue. The next section will explain several methods that come in handy to protect yard from raccoons.

Methods for How to Get Rid Of Raccoons in My Yard

  1.  Clean trash bin. Why does raccoon come to your yard and house? This is primary question before implement any methods. You need to look for trash bin and potential place with probability to attract this animal. Trash bin should be locked or sealed in order to prevent raccoon to enter. You can use heavy object to press surface that cannot be removed. Use double bag to keep trash from dismantling. Nowadays, trash or garbage bin is designed with lock. You can try this thing as preventive measure. After trash bin is done, the next thing is food source for raccoons. Check for bird feeder, fishpond, and pet foods. Those are places with strong attraction. You need to clean any food debris, especially at evening and lock in certain location to avoid accessibility. Raccoon is carnivore so you need to build perimeter surround fishpond.
  2. Seal off. The simplest way to protect yard from raccoons is complete lock on yard. This is not easy task to do because takes much effort and money to build strong perimeter. Moreover, metal and wood are not effective to protect from raccoons then additional parts are needed. Keeping yard from outsider might affect its utilization. You can apply this method when raccoon issue is at severe degree. It is like fortification from enemy in battlefield. Also read:
  3. Repellant. How to get rid of raccoons in my yard? Common answer is repellent with cayenne pepper. It is popular way to protect yard or place from raccoons due to strong scent of this pepper. Use sprayer and mask when spread this repellant surround yard. The benefit of this method is safe from human, but not effective for large area. You only put repellant around trash bin and easily dissolved when rains come.
  4. Electrified wire (see Wikipedia: Electrified wire). Seal yard from outside is the most extreme method and you can soothe this method with electrified wire. When building perimeter, there is still probability for raccoon to enter. You can put wire surround perimeter then put electricity. This method might not kill them, but enough to make warning. They will try to find another way, but every place has wire.
  5. Trap and poison. Another method to handle raccoon issue is trap. You use trap to catch mice or rats then apply similar method for raccoon. Of course, trap form is different to adjust with necessary target. Using poison is also alternative to try when raccoon comes every day. Before apply trap and poison, you should check yard and make sure safe from wrong target. Instead of capture raccoon, you may end up in killing chicken or any harmless animal. Therefore, all of them are sufficient to answer how to get rid of raccoons in my yard.