How to Get Rid of Standing Water in the Backyard

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How to Get Rid of Standing Water in the Backyard

Not many homeowners understand the effective way to deal with the standing water, so how to get rid of standing water in the backyard? Most homeowners probably think that the standing water issue will resolve on its own, but in reality, if the main problem is the poor absorption or drainage, it won’t clear up on its own. Well, is there are effective ways to clear up everything?

How to Get Rid of Standing Water in the Backyard: Understanding the Core Issue

Standing or stagnant water is a body of water that doesn’t move or flow. As the name suggests, it is stagnant; no matter how big or small the size is. The water in the bucket, the remaining rain water on the ground, or the water in an old abandoned swimming pool are all included as the standing water category. The standing water itself isn’t a threat but it becomes a great breeding area for bacteria and insects. On general, the body of water itself isn’t dangerous or life threatening but it may affect the environment in terms of health concern and hygiene matter.

Most people have the wrong ideas about the standing water, thinking that it is only happening to poor developing countries – the general characteristics of the third countries criteria. In reality, standing water can happen anywhere and anytime of the year. Even the developed Western countries can suffer from the standing water issue if the soil has a poor water absorption quality. In cities where the sewer system is not updated or not developed well, it is quite common to have such a stagnant water issue. In the event that you have the same problem around your property, it is also possible that you have poor absorption as well as poor drainage system.

On the contrary to what you may have believed, planting shrubs or trees on the area isn’t the effective solution. Most people think that having plants, flowers, shrubs, or trees can solve the poor drainage issue. However, plants or flowers won’t stand in such a soggy area. The roots may be able to absorb the water but they also need to breathe – they can’t stand too much water on an extended period of time. When they have too much water and they can’t breathe, they will die.

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So, how to get rid of standing water in the backyard, anyway?

  1. Water System Nearby. In the event that you find a water system or drainage not far from the water standing spot, consider yourself lucky. You only need to channel the spot so you can remove the water.
  2. Installing your own drainage pipe. In most cases, having a perforated plastic pipe for the drain with flexible feature will be enough. Dig a trench connecting the standing water spot with the water drainage system, place the pipe, cover it with some washed stones, place a strainer on the end close to the standing water spot, and you are good to go. The strainer and the washed stone will prevent the soil from entering the pipe so it can function well in removing the excess water to the drainage system.
  3. Creating Your Own Drainage. You can also create your own drainage but you will definitely need a professional help and service for this. You need to check with the local authorities about such a system and whether such a system can be built. A professional expert should be able to help you setting up the drainage but it is going to cost you.

Never underestimate the problem of the standing water, especially if it turns out that your soil has poor absorption ability or you live in the area where the soil is rather complicated and difficult. Work with the professionals to find out the best solutions of how to get rid of standing water in the backyard.