How to Get Rid Of Oak Mites

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How to Get Rid Of Oak Mites?

Mite has many species and oak mite is one of them that infect tree. Besides that, this parasite is capable to bite human and make severe mark. Immediate precaution is necessary to isolate then terminate this kind of mites. How to get rid of oak mites? This is question that will be answered in the next section.

Handling Problem on How to Get Rid Of Oak Mites

  1. Repellant. As we know, insect are sensitive to certain chemical then repellant is good choice to overcome oak mites. You may find many chemical repellant at store to dissolve their eggs and prevent form hatches. The real problem occurs when oak mites lay their eggs deep inside wood. It is difficult for chemical compound to penetrate wood to reach deep location. You need to make hole then inject this repellant carefully. One of disadvantage of this method is continuity. It takes more than once or twice to make sure oak mites are gone completely. So, how to get rid of oak mites? Chemical repellant is good choice, but you can consider nature ingredients as replacement. Using this kind of ingredients might lead to benefit and disadvantage. Nature product or compounds are safe for long-term treatment, especially when oak mites at severe degree. You need to reduce chemical utilization when condition is not getting better. One of disadvantage is slow reaction or effect. (Also read: How To Get Rid Of Sarcoptic Mange In Humans)
  2. Cut branch. Oak mites infect tree or branch with their eggs and larvae. You just apply first treatment with repellant for several time. Unfortunately, this method is not enough which oak mites are excessively growing. You do not have choice to cut that tree or branch before spreading. This method seems direct and ineffective, but you need to separate infected area from spreading. If tree is inevitable to safe, you only have last resort to cut everything.
  3. Nature predator. Oak mites are part of food chain and you can take advantage of this condition. What is nature predator for this insect? You may see spider webs on trees and dissolve them because nuisance. For now, put on hold such behavior because spider is your friend to handle oak mites. Using nature predator is different from human touch because you cannot expect to see quick and direct result. Spider does not kill oak mites every time, but enough to control at certain level. However, this method is last effort, which not expected to apply when oak mites are at severe stages.
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Repellant and direct cutting are the best ways when you find oak mites on woods. This parasite is problem for tree and human. Oak mites bite human then leave red mark that create itching and sore. You need to be careful when work in garden or yard, especially area with vast trees and plant. Use gloves and hat to protect skin from unwanted insect, especially oak mites. How to get rid of oak mites effectively? This is tough question to solve, but you know first step to take.