How to Get Rid Of Rats outside Without Poison

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How to Get Rid Of Rats outside Without Poison?

Rats create trouble for your home and environment due to carrying potential disease and destruction. How to get rid of rats outside without poison? This is not difficult question to answer, but you should know some preliminary knowledge. People use poison to kill rats because effective and quick result. When rats eat poisonous bait, they will die immediately. The problem is location where they died because make bad smell. Instead of solving problem, you need to find dead rat to get rid of such smell. Another risk for using poison is wrong target and this could be very dangerous for human. The next sections will provide several methods to handle rat problem outside without poison.

Methods for How to Get Rid Of Rats outside without Poison

  1. Wooden and metal trap. You know bad result when poison does not hit target. Rats are not animal that can be terminated in single day. You need to put every effort at hand and combine to get best result. One of way to handle this problem is trap. This is old method, but still effective to catch rat then kill immediately. Modern trap comes in various designs which are invisible to detect. To apply this method, you need to know when and where rats come from their holes. After that, put traps around alongside bait then wait until one by one is trapped.
  2. Repellent. Rats have sensitive nose with ability to recognize foods. You can use this matter to counter them effectively. Repellant for rats consist of several forms such as chemical, natural plant, and sound. Repellant may not kill rats, but effective to prevent enter certain area or house. Instead of building perimeter to protect certain area, you just put repellant as invisible perimeter. This method is good to answer how to get rid of rats outside without poison.
  3. Keep everything clean. Preventive method is something that can be ignored. You need to clean room and yard as clean as possible from trash or garbage. Check garbage bin to see any hole and make sure to clean from bad smell. Basically, you take away anything that attracts rats to come.
  4. Electrocute (see Wikipedia: Electrocute). Recent technology for killing rats is electrocuting. You can find this tool at store with several models. Before installation, you should make sure to put in proper place. This method has similar adverse effect as poison when hit wrong target. Electricity and trap are excellent combination to catch rat then destroy them.
  5. Natural predator. Do you know predator animal for rat? Snake is right answer, but you cannot just keep snake at garden or yard. Cat is right animal to frighten rats when they enter yard or home. It might be unexpected method to overcome such problem. However, rats are part of food chain and cat is natural predator to control rat population. In modern era, cats lose their ability, but there is still probability to implement this idea to answer how to get rid of rats outside without poison.
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