How to Get Rid of Styes around The Eye at Home

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How to Get Rid of Styes around The Eye at Home

Stye around the eye or hordeolum is an inflammation that is caused by bacteria named Staphylococcus aureusHow to get rid of styes around the eye at home? Before discussing it, it is important to understand why it happens.  This condition is usually signed by a red lump on the eyelid. Usually, the lump has white or yellow spot on its center. The lump will be bigger and makes the eye gets watery easily, itchy, and hard to blink.

How to Get Rid of Styes in Easy Ways

Though styes are harmless, it will make you to be discomfort and unconfident. Thus, finding some ways to get rid of styes easily at home will be very helpful. Yet, before apply one of them, make sure that your eyes and hands are clean.

  1. Compress it with Warm water. One of the easiest ways to treat stye around the eye is by compressing it with warm water. It is truly effective to reduce the itch as well as to shrink the swelling. Use a soft cloth or towel as an applicator. Soak it into the warm water and put it on the stye, let it stands for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Apply a Tiny Part of Garlic. Garlic is also considered to get rid of styes since it contains antibacterial substances. It is trusted to eradicate the bacteria that cause styes. Wash the garlic and mash it. Apply a little mashed garlic on the styes. Of course, it will be a little hot and poignant. Don’t try this if the styes are too close with your water lines.
  3. Compress it with Betel Water. Betel leaf has been proven to treat all types of eye illnesses, including styes. How to get rid of styes using betel leaf? Take 3 betel leaves and boil them. Apply the betel water onto the syes. It will be poignant but effective.
  4. Green Tea Bags. One of popular substance to treat eye with styes is green tea. It is trusted to be effective in reducing eye swelling since it contains antibacterial substances that help the healing process quickly. Brew the green tea bag for about one minute. Take it from the boiled water and put it on the styes for 5-10 minutes. Avoid using one bag for two eyes.
  5. Compress It with Turmeric Extract. This herb is popular as a traditional medicine for some illnesses, one of them is styes. It has anti inflammation properties that make it able to kill the germs. Just mash a piece of turmeric and put a little mashed turmeric on the styes. It is able to shrink the swelling quickly.
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Styes are not serious illness. But, it might disturb your daily activities. The ways above might be useful and effective.  If the tips on how to get rid of styes are not able to treat your styes, even if it gets worse after a couple of days, maybe your eyes get a serious inflammation, more than just styes. The better suggestion is visiting the doctor to get the best medical treatment.

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