Strawberry Legs Cure: Modern or Conventional Approach

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Strawberry Legs Cure: Modern or Conventional Approach

Who says that beauty is difficult? Definitely, I agree with that statement because it is correlated with the jargon ‘no pain, no gain’. However, there is the most difficult one regarding to the beauty. That is how to maintain it. Although it is not directly mentioning about the divided gender whether men or women, it can be stated that it is mostly done by the women. That is the drawback relating to strawberry legs cure.

Even though you cannot avoid it, you can look after your skin carefully in order that the dark pores do not ruin your performance for your fashion. In basic explanation, it can be said that dark pores is the result of the irritation or the wrapping the legs with exfoliating mitt. This is the cure mechanism system of the body in which to stop the bleeding, but it sometimes leaves the dark spots because the pores are open and they are fulfilled by the dirt.

Strawberry Legs Cure

Combination of soap foam and coconut oil

After that, the problem is much more complicated because after shaving, the dark dried pores on legs or strawberry legs to be permanent. To solve this, the cosmetic is not enough to cover them for now on. There should be the permanent solution to get them away. Some followed ways are below. It is the basic method to protect the skin with the soap foam before you have shaved the hair legs. You can start by lubricating the legs from ankle to the knees and carefully shave them with the razor gently.

To shave it, the vertical method is using from the up to the bottom. This method can be used repeatedly until all of the soap foams are gone. Next, clean them with the water and dry with the towel. The next step is that you have to stroke the legs with the coconut oil in which you have to wait about five minutes to make sure that the oil are working to soften the skin.

This method has significant advantages that the skin will be much softer and more elastic when you stroke it. Another thing to notice about dark pores on legs is that the dirt skin and the dead cells are completely removed for a long time. However, the disadvantages are that you have to spend more time to look after the skin. Moreover, the pure coconut oil has a short expire and it has a stinky smell. The third is that the shaving and lubricating are done every two weeks in order that it keeps the beauty.

Laser beam method

Laser is the progressive approach as removal. In medical treatment, it seems like depilatories or white bleaching. It burns the irritation and let the pores close with the new same color of the skin growing fast. Basically they are the came because depilatories is applied the cream that you should stroke to the legs and the unwanted dark pores will break down and the newest skin will cover them. Similarity to break down the unwanted pores, it also has the same advantages. However, it has different drawbacks. That is the reason that understanding all topics regarding to strawberry legs cure is necessary.

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Traditional approach may work

The other ways to avoid the darker pores on legs after shaving is the traditional ways. People have already left this method because this requires plenty of time to prepare in order that the dirt can go away regularly. However, people do not realize that health is not instant. Well, the traditional method for the first is to keep the pores always clean. This can be done by mixing some natural ingredients with tea-spoon size (abbreviation: TS).

Starting at the first is mixing two TS of sugar with two tea-spoon of olive oil. Second is having a baking soda only one TS to a small glass. Then, prepare salt and buttermilk to have a paste. Those are mixed together with two TS of palm sugar, two TS aloe Vera and one TS of lemon juice. To use the formula, the paste should be put on the legs until they are covered all. Afterwards, stroking and massaging the legs using the smooth-dried towel is needed in order that the paste is spreading well.

Having those approaches to maintain the beauty, I recommend you to apply the traditional way such as coconut oil and combination of the natural ingredients to get strawberry legs cure. This is cheaper and the downside possibly only a little even though I admit that preparing it is not quick and it has a temporary time. To handle that, it is essential that you do not only make only one paste, but try to make it double, or triple with some extra ingredients. Then, the paste can be saved in a middle temperature to make the paste is enable to use. Comparing with the laser beam, it may have a downside such as huge charge to pay.