How to Get Rid of Water Bugs Naturally

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How to Get Rid of Water Bugs Naturally

Getting pest in our house is the most annoying thing that could happen to you. Pest like water bug can cause harm to family. When it bites, it cause painful sting. Most people often confuse to differentiate water bug with cockroach, but they all are disgusting pests that we should be rid of them. Therefore we try to help you by giving information about how to get rid of water bugs naturally and permanently.

What is water bugs?

Water bug gets its name because it lives in aquatic habitat. It belongs to order Hemiptera. It has similar appearance with cockroach, thus many people often confuse and mistaken them for each other. It has mouth with pierces that it can suck to its prey when it bites. There are more than one thousand species of water bug, but the most common one is giant water bug. Like cockroach, its body has oval shape, has six legs and antenna. Its size is larger than common cockroach, and it even can grow to 4 inches. Water bug usually has brown color or very dark color. Water bug likes to live alone, but it will come and gather with other water bugs when breeding season has come. Water bug is a scavenger and an aggressive insect. When it is threatened, it will play dead to divert attention and prepare venom to its mouth. When the time is right, it will bite and gives painful sting to its enemy.

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Where do water bugs come from?

Water bug is an aquatic insect, therefore it likes to live in the habitat with abundant freshwater like stagnant water, swimming pool, or leaking pipes. It also like humid places and dark places like rotten woods or behind leaves. It will find these kind of places to breed and hide from outside world. Though water bug is an aquatic life, it cannot live underwater because it cannot breathe underwater. Water bugs are attracted to wet environment, so you have to be careful with an area in or near water. However, there is one species of water bugs that can live out of water. That is electric light bugs. It often found around bright lights like illuminated signs or street lights.