How to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs – Dark Pores Cure

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How to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs – Dark Pores Cure

How to get rid of strawberry legs? Many women ask this question as they notice their legs becoming “strawberries” – without actually being delicious and actually very annoying. A lot of women pay attention to every detail of their appearance and beautiful skin of the legs become one of the important aspects. The condition of strawberry legs can happen to anyone particularly women of color. When this condition happens, don’t be panic because it can be properly treated. The treatment will not be difficult to be done. Everyone can try to treat it at home with correct methods.

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What are Strawberry Legs?

Before proceeding to get to know the proper ways to treat the strawberry legs, let’s get to know what exactly this condition is. Strawberry legs are known as the legs with visible dark pores or dark pores on legs. It’s because the legs resemble strawberries, the fruit with white dots all over its surface. The medical term for this condition is open comedones (Also read: How To Get Rid Of Open Comedones On Legs With Easy Ways). Anyone can suffer from this condition but in women, this condition is more noticeable.

What are the Causes of This Condition?

Now, let’s learn more about the causes of this condition. Open comedone on legs is caused by the clogged hair follicles. This happens to a variety of reasons such as ingrown hairs, dead skin cells, skin oil or sebum, dirt and more things to clog the hair follicles of the legs. In sebum’s case, the air will make it oxidized and make the skin darker. The darken area is tiny but when it appears on multiple spots on skin (also read: How To Get Rid Of Spots On The Skin The Natural Way), the skin will look like the skin of strawberries.

One of the most common causes of strawberry legs is the poor shaving. This may happen because the razor is dull and unable to pull the hair follicle completely. Because of this, the hair follicle becomes exposed to the air and then oxidized. The result is the darken skin or the darken skin pores to be more précised. While this condition is not something harmful, a lot of women will not be pleased and want it to be gone quickly. There are several good and affordable ways to treat this condition. Let’s find out more here in how to get rid of strawberry legs.