How to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs – Dark Pores Cure

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How to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs – Dark Pores Cure

How to get rid of strawberry legs? Many women ask this question as they notice their legs becoming “strawberries” – without actually being delicious and actually very annoying. A lot of women pay attention to every detail of their appearance and beautiful skin of the legs become one of the important aspects. The condition of strawberry legs can happen to anyone particularly women of color. When this condition happens, don’t be panic because it can be properly treated. The treatment will not be difficult to be done. Everyone can try to treat it at home with correct methods.

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What are Strawberry Legs?

Before proceeding to get to know the proper ways to treat the strawberry legs, let’s get to know what exactly this condition is. Strawberry legs are known as the legs with visible dark pores or dark pores on legs. It’s because the legs resemble strawberries, the fruit with white dots all over its surface. The medical term for this condition is open comedones (Also read: How To Get Rid Of Open Comedones On Legs With Easy Ways). Anyone can suffer from this condition but in women, this condition is more noticeable.

What are the Causes of This Condition?

Now, let’s learn more about the causes of this condition. Open comedone on legs is caused by the clogged hair follicles. This happens to a variety of reasons such as ingrown hairs, dead skin cells, skin oil or sebum, dirt and more things to clog the hair follicles of the legs. In sebum’s case, the air will make it oxidized and make the skin darker. The darken area is tiny but when it appears on multiple spots on skin (also read: How To Get Rid Of Spots On The Skin The Natural Way), the skin will look like the skin of strawberries.

One of the most common causes of strawberry legs is the poor shaving. This may happen because the razor is dull and unable to pull the hair follicle completely. Because of this, the hair follicle becomes exposed to the air and then oxidized. The result is the darken skin or the darken skin pores to be more précised. While this condition is not something harmful, a lot of women will not be pleased and want it to be gone quickly. There are several good and affordable ways to treat this condition. Let’s find out more here in how to get rid of strawberry legs.

How to Get Rid of It with Home Treatments

Treating strawberry legs is not something [emaillocker]particular difficult. It’s actually rather easy to treat the skin carefully. The treatment can be done at home by anyone. The best thing of all, the things needed to treat the skin can be found easily at home and they are very affordable as well. The following ways are not temporary solution to the strawberry legs. These methods will give a lasting result and will be permanent when being followed with more carefulness and important prevention steps. These methods won’t show the result too fast as it takes time but will gradually show the expected great result.

Cucumber Juice Treatment

Many people may not realize that cucumber juice can be very helpful to get rid of the strawberry legs. It is a very good thing with all-natural ingredients to be used day by day. There are basically two ways in using the cucumber juice.

  1. Method #1 to Use Cucumber Juice – This particular way requires only cucumber. Take one cucumber and wash it cleanly. Mash the cucumber in a bowl and make smooth paste. Apply the smooth cucumber paste on the leg affected by the dark pores and leave it for a few minutes before washing the legs. Do this twice a day in the morning and in the evening. Repeat the treatment until the desired result is seen.
  2. Method #2 to Use Cucumber Juice – In this method, lemon juice and rosewater are needed aside of cucumbers. Mix an equal amount of mashed cucumber, rosewater and lemon juice. Mix them well together and then apply the mixture on the affected leg. Allow 5 to 10 minutes pass in order to let the mixture works as it supposed to be and then wash the leg with water. Repeat this process every day until the desired result is seen.

Egg White Treatment

Another really great way in how to get rid of strawberry legs is to use the egg whites. This is a very simple way to be done by anyone. The egg white will be able not only to help returning the smooth skin coloration but also to fasten the healing process of the dark pores on skin. How to use it? It’s simple, just take the egg white and apply it directly on the affected skin surface. Leave the skin for approximately 5 minutes and then wash the skin with water. Repeat this process until the desired result can be seen.

Oil Massages

Massaging the strawberry legs can be a really go way to get back the smoother leg skin complexion. It only takes a few minutes and can be done with a variety of oils (as well as lotions). Gradually, the skin will have less and less dark pores before eventually; the dark pores (and even dark knees) will disappear. It’s not only kicking away the dark pores but also to make smoother skin and moist as well as healthy. This is a very good thing to be done regularly even after the strawberry legs problem disappear.

One more thing to be remembered is to use the natural oils such as castor oil. Oils or lotions with aloe vera are the best options because of the healing properties within Aloe vera. Furthermore, oils can be mixed with other ingredients and used particularly such as the followings:

  1. Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil and Jojoba Oil [/emaillocker]or Coconut Oil – Mix the equal amount of these oils (jojoba oil and coconut oils are optional) and then add a little bit on pure glycerin into the mixture. Mix them well and then apply it on the affected skin and then massage the skin for a while to let the skin absorbs the mixture properly.
  2. Sandalwood Oil and Olive Oil or Coconut Oil – Take a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil – using a tablespoon as the place to mix the oils will be good. Take sandalwood oil and add a few drops of it into the olive oil. Mix them well and then apply the mixture to the affected skin. Massage the skin well for a few minutes and leave it be.
  3. Tea Tree Oil and Olive Oil – Take a few drops of tea tree oil and mix it well with two tablespoons of olive oil. Apply the mixture to the affected skin and then massage the skin for a few minutes.
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Skin Exfoliation

One of the things suggested in order to fix the skin area that turns darker is by exfoliating the skin. This is something good to be done as it is easy to be done and will naturally help top get rid of the dark pores on skin. In how to get rid of strawberry legs, any kind of scrubs can be used to help. This includes the over-the-counter scrubs. Glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid are the active ingredients those will treat strawberry legs and they can be found in various scrubs fund at the retail shops. It’s also possible to use homemade scrubs such as the followings:

  1. A mix of 2 tablespoons aloe vera gel and brown sugar and a teaspoon of lemon/lime juice.
  2. A combination of brown sugar and olive oil in 1:2 ratio.
  3. A blend of equal amount of brown sugar, baking soda and warm water.
  4. A mixture of a tablespoon of baking soda or baking powder and a teaspoon of warm water. This one needs to be left for a few minutes after being massaged ad before being washed.
  5. A substance made of a bit of buttermilk and enough salt.

The application of the scrubs will be relatively similar. Basically, the scrub needs to be applied on the affected skin by using a wet towel or bathing sponge. Gently move the wet towel in circular motion and concentrate it on the affected skin only. After several minutes, wash the legs with warm water and then splash the cool water. For better result, apply natural oil right after scrubbing to keep the skin moist.

Shaving Skin Correctly to Avoid Strawberry Legs

As aforementioned, one of the most common causes of strawberry legs is the incorrect shaving method. A lot of people think that they know how to shave. But in reality, not everyone does the shaving correctly. In this section, there will be shaving tips to help people especially women to shave properly in order to avoid the strawberry legs.

  1. Preparation for leg shaving starts 5 to 10 minutes earlier. During this time, soak the legs into the warm water. This step is good and necessary to help making the skin softer and opening up the skin pores. This is a good thing to help drawing out all impurities trapped within the skin pores.
  2. Always use the sharp razor blades. It is recommended to use new razor blades instead of using the blades multiple times. However, if this cannot be done, always try to sterilize the blades first by using the hot water. Also make sure that the blades are still sharp. Remember that dull razor blades won’t work as good as expected.
  3. Right before shaving, always moisturize the skin first with natural oil like olive oil or coconut oil. Another good thing is to use shaving cream (try the ones with aloe vera).
  4. After preparing the skin properly, it’s time to shave. Shave by following the direction of hair growth. Don’t apply too much pressure or passing the blades over the similar part for way too long. That won’t be good for the skin.
  5. After the shaving process is finished, splash the cold water to the legs and then wash the legs until really clean. After this, apply aftershave cream or moisturizing lotion or natural oil to keep the skin moist and nice.
  6. Keep in mind to never use soap as a replacement for the shaving cream. Soap will make the razor blades less efficient. If there is no shaving cream left, try to use the conditioner to help (not soap).

In order to get the better result from shaving, it is suggested to exfoliate the skin a few days before. Shaving alone won’t be good enough and extra effort by doing the skin exfoliation will be a really good thing. It will bring the best result that will certainly be loved by women with strawberry legs problem.

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Extra Tips for Smooth Legs

  1. Try to replace the loofahs, bath mits, wash clothes or bathing sponges frequently. These items used while taking a bath are known to be the things loved by bacteria and thus the may as well contribute to the happening of strawberry legs.
  2. In how to get rid of strawberry legs, exfoliating leg skin before shaving will bring the best result. Natural scrubs are recommended but over the-counter scrubs will be good to be used as well.
  3. Try to use soaps with active ingredients (salicylic acid for example) those will help in skin exfoliation as well as preventing the strawberry legs to occur again.

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Getting rid of the strawberry legs is something possible. Anyone can do it properly and it can be done without even the need to spend a lot of money. The home remedies are good and efficient. It certainly takes time but definitely worthy. It takes efforts to make the skin free of the dark pores. So, for those who question about how to get rid of strawberry legs, try to follow the tips above. Do them properly and be a little bit patient to get the wanted result.