What Essential Oil Is Good for Bruises

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What Essential Oil Is Good for Bruises

If you are looking for what essential oil is good for bruises, this article will provide you information that you can use for bruises treatment. Bruises are often associated with clumsiness of people who have it. People who consume medication to like blood thinner often experience the same health problem as well. Aside from those reasons, intensive work out might also contributed to bruises as well. People who train for weightlifting often have bruises in their body. It is caused by ripped blood vessel underneath their skin. Delicate skin condition often has thin blood tissue that can rip easily thus showing bruises. Fortunately, bruises can be healed easily regardless their causes. Here is some essential oil that will help you to do so.

Bruises Treatment with Essential Oil

  1. Lavender Essential Oil
    When it comes for what essential oil is good for bruises, lavender essential oil is the first option you need to consider. It is able to heal the ripped blood vessel and promotes good blood circulation as well. Since the blood vessel is healed, the bruise is slowly faded. It is advisable to put cold compress after you apply the lavender essential oil in the bruises area. Repeat the same process until the inflammation is completely healed.
  2. Cypress Essential Oil
    The next essential oil you need to try in order to heal bruises is cypress essential oil. This essential oil is well known for its ability to repair damaged blood tissue due to minor wounds. The soothing sensation produced by cypress essential oil helps to alleviate the pain that often followed the bruises. Most importantly, it encourages the blood vessel to channel the blood stuck on the ripped blood vessel tissue. Cold compress application is highly advisable on this treatment as well.
  3. Helichrysum Essential Oil
    It is common knowledge that helichrysum essential oil is able to improve blood circulation. That makes it is included on what essential oil is good for bruises. In order to take advantage of this essential oil health benefit, you need to dilute it first with carrier oil. Apply it gently over the injured area. Repeat the same process every hour for better result.
  4. Lemongrass Essential Oil
    Lemongrass essential oil has high concentration. Before using this essential oil for bruise treatment, you need to dilute it with carrier oil. Lemongrass essential oil offers soothing sensation. This soothing sensation is good for pain on the muscle that is often following bruises. It is also able to reduce the swelling as well. In order to use lemongrass essential oil to speed up the damaged tissue repair, you need to apply it once the pain occurred.
  5. Geranium Essential Oil
    The last essential oil in our list is geranium essential oil. As it goes with the essential oil on this list, the main health benefit of geranium is to repair damaged blood tissue underneath your skin. It is advisable to use carrier oil to dilute geranium essential oil. If you are wondering about what essential oil is good for bruises, geranium essential oil can be one of the alternative solutions that you can try.
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