What Kind of Peppermint Oil Gets Rid of Mice

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What Kind of Peppermint Oil Gets Rid of Mice?

You probably have heard about the peppermint oil which is claimed to be a working mice repellent but have you ever wondered what kind of peppermint oil gets rid of mice, anyway? Well, the pure one, naturally. When you choose the 100% of pure peppermint oil without any special blend or addition, it can get the mice going. But be sure that you choose the right stuff or your efforts will go down the drain for nothing.

What Kind of Peppermint Oil Gets Rid of Mice, More about the Oil?

Before you use this oil as the mice deterrent, know the limits first. The oil will be great to prevent any mice to come to the house and create a nest in your living space. However, if they have already made a nest inside the house, you need to find another solution because the oil won’t do much good. You see, the scent of the oil is disturbing enough (for the mice) to make them leave and stop them from entering your premise. But if they already make a house inside your living area, the oil would be useless. The mice would probably avoid coming to the areas where the oil is located and it would be impossible to cover the entire house – top to bottom – in the oil, right?

  1. Choose the Right Product. Again, only use the pure stuff if you want to prevent new mice from coming to your house. Only the pure peppermint oil will work; no addition required. There are some products and brands that are created specifically as mice deterrent. You can choose these products as they can repel mice quite effectively. If you go to the local health store, talk to the clerk or store staff to find the pure products. Let them know that you are going to use it to repel the mice. They should be able to point you to the right direction.
  2. Use the Right Amount. Don’t be cheap in using the oil. Now that you already know what kind of peppermint oil gets rid of mice, you need to know how much to use the oil. Have at least 5 drops of the oil in the cotton ball and then leave the cotton ball in the right area.  You don’t need to drop it excessively; 5 drops would be enough to repel these mice away. Less than 5 drops would be less effective.
  3. Place the Balls in the Right Spot. After you already know how much to use, where to place them? Again, it is important to prevent the mice from ENTERING your house so place the cotton balls on places where the mice can smell them miles away. The windows, any cracks or opening, or the doors would be the ideal places to place the cotton balls.
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Don’t forget to replace those balls once a month with the new ones. If you feel generous enough, replace the balls once every two weeks, but refreshing them once a month would be enough. Now that you already know the answer to the question what kind of peppermint oil gets rid of mice, would you like to try it?