How To Get Rid Of Stomach Cramps

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Discover the Ways on How to Get Rid of Stomach Cramps

Stomach cramps can cause discomfort, and that is why many seek ways to relieve the pain. The condition can sometimes be due to gas buildup, excess stomach acid, and even hunger. In order to know if you have too much gas, try to massage your stomach. If you can hear any gurgling sounds, gas is probably building up in your system. Also, when you experience burping, flatulence, and belching, you may have excessive gas in your body. If you’re among those looking for ways on how to get rid of stomach cramps, you better read on – but do remember that pain can be caused by all sorts of things, and could actually be indicative of a much more serious health dilemma.

Dos and Don’ts in Drinking and Eating

Sometimes, making better dietary habits is the best way on how to get rid of stomach cramps. So, it might be wise to remember these dos and don’ts:

• While you still have stomach cramps, solid food should be avoided for the succeeding hours. After a few hours have passed, you can then eat again but eat only simple foods like banana, plain cracker, rice, and low-fat meals.

• Avoid eating anything greasy, acidic, or fatty. Stay away from dairy products. Fatty food can worsen intestinal contractions.

• Eat only small meals throughout the day to avoid straining your system. Eating heavy meals can also worsen these stomach cramps.

Vomiting can also happen when you have stomach cramps. If you end up vomiting, there’s one effective way on how to get rid of stomach cramps – eat only after 6 hours.

• Eating papaya, pineapple, or pomegranate may give you relief. These fruits contain enzymes that can help lessen the pain in your stomach. However, don’t eat large amounts of these fruits since doing so can also lead to stomach cramps.

• Eat fermented and probiotic foods such as yogurt and kombucha.

• Eat foods with fennel seeds. These can help in treating indigestion and getting rid of gas in your body. Fennel seeds, with their anethole (a volatile oil) content, can help in the secretion of juices used in your digestive system. Also, if you feel any discomfort due to inflammation, fennel seeds can relieve the pain.

Getting Rid of Stomach Cramps with Liquids

For some, knowing how to get rid of stomach cramps is the same as being able to prepare the right beverages, as well as making the right choices.

• Sip a warm ginger-infused drink. Ginger has many health benefits, such as regulating digestion and reducing stomach cramps. Ginger can also cure nausea. Add fresh ginger to a glass of hot water to create a cramp-relieving concoction. You may also take ginger in other forms, like candies, capsules and tea.

• Another drink that will aid in relaxing your tummy is peppermint tea. It aids in digestion by improving the movement of bile. You could also drink this tea to get relief from gas-induced pain, which is sometimes called bloating. The menthol in peppermint’s leaves acts as a natural analgesic.

• Drink aloe vera juice. You can find this in health stores. This is a supplement which is known to lessen the cramping of your stomach. Aloe vera juice also aids with indigestion and constipation.

• Do not consume any soda, alcohol, or any carbonated or caffeinated drinks. These complex drinks can worsen then pain since your body will have a hard time digesting them. Besides, some of them contain substances that could lead to more frequent stomach contractions.

Some Other Useful Tips

If those tips, guidelines, and remedies aren’t to your liking, maybe you’ll find something better below.

• A hot bath will relieve the pain. Immerse yourself in hot water in order to help your muscles relax and boost your circulation. Submerge in warm water for about 15-20 minutes to get results.

• A massage on the stomach will lessen the stomach cramping. Only apply light pressure to aid in reducing the constriction of your stomach muscles. Massage the painful areas, especially the lower abdomen. With your two fingers, massage your stomach in a circular motion, moving to your upper and lower abdomen.

• When asked on ways on how to get rid of stomach cramps, some immediately reply with these two words – hot compress. Heat will help in reducing the cramping of your stomach. Place hot water in a bottle and place it on the area which is experiencing the most pain. Lie down while doing this for best results.

• Here’s another excellent way on how to get rid of stomach cramps – passing gas out of your body. If you are in a crowded area, find some place where no one will smell the odor. It sounds embarrassing but this will really help in getting rid of too much gas in your body. Remember, you will experience bloating if you have excess gas, resulting to increased pain in your body.

• Exercise. It may be hard to do an exercise while feeling discomfort in your stomach but this will really help you out. Have a walk in the garden or in a park near your house. Sometimes, you can’t just sit and lie down when you feel pain so you need to walk it out.

• Smoking is also one reason why you feel pain. So, what’s a good way on how to get rid of stomach cramps if the problem lies in smoking? Simply break the habit. When you smoke, you consume extra air which will result to more gas pains.

• Visiting the restroom is sometimes what you need when you experience stomach cramps. Bowel movement does take away the pain.

All about Medications

Of course, getting relief through natural remedies is ideal. But sometimes, you’ll just have to rely on medications.

• Take painkillers to reduce and relieve the cramping feeling. Some examples of these over-the-counter medicines are aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxen.

• Some stomach cramps are actually caused by menstrual cramps. Take medication that will help you in relieving your menstrual cramps.

• Stomach acid could also be the cause of the painful sensation. So, in some cases, knowing how to get rid of stomach cramps is as simple as knowing when to take antacids. These antacids will help in neutralizing your stomach’s acidity. Acidity in the stomach is related to heartburn and indigestion.

• You may also try taking charcoal tablets. These will help lessen the pain you are feeling.

Overall, there are many ways on how to get rid of stomach cramps – and choosing among them is as easy as finding out the root cause of the pain you’re experiencing. Still, if the pain continues to linger no matter what you do (especially if it isn’t resolved in a day), don’t hesitate to visit a physician.

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