Essential Oils for Clogged Ears

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Essential Oils for Clogged Ears

Do you know that you can use essential oils for clogged ears? There are different applications of the essential oils for problematic ears. After all, pure essential oils have been used for remedies for centuries, so it is only reasonable if you start using one for your issue.

Essential Oils for Clogged Ears and the Various Usages

Clogged ears can make you uncomfortable. Besides it will affect your hearing, it can also create a huge discomfort. You won’t be able to hear well and you may have to deal with greater inconvenience – not to mention if it is accompanied by pain, discharge or bleeding.  The clogged ears shouldn’t make you in pain. It only creates a certain discomfort. If you suffer from pain or even bleeding, go to the doctor right away.

Essential oils have been included in the natural home remedies treatments that can be used for many health issues, including clogged ears. So, what kinds of essential oils for clogged ears that you can use? How to apply them? How effective will they be?

Tea Tree Oil
The first essential oil that you can use is tea tree oil. If you suffer from sinus infection, flu or cold, and the condition leads to disruption in your hearing ability, it is highly possible that your ears are heavily congested. Use the tea tree oil to relieve it and deal with the infection. The most effective way is to inhale it. You can mix the boiling water with some drops of tea tree oil and then inhale it. It will immediately make you feel better, but be careful of not getting yourself burnt during the process.

Garlic Oil
Another one is garlic oil. Thanks to its antibacterial trait, you can clear up the congestion and expect a better improvement. You can find the oil although it is pretty rare and not easily found. However, if you don’t mind making your own oil, just try it. You can mash up two cloves of garlic and let it for around 10 minutes. Moreover, take a saucepan and then mix them with five teaspoons of olive oil. By using a very low heat, warm it for 15 minutes. Once it cools off, apply it to the affected ears. Let it sit for a minute before removing the oil out. Garlic oil is considered very handy essential oils for clogged ears.

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Lavender Oil
Lavender oil is included in the essential oils for clogged ears list. Besides it can remove the blockage, it can also improve blood circulation, relieving pain, and improving the better comfort. You only need to apply this oil on the outside area of the ears and extend it to the neck. Dip one of your fingers in the oil and gently put it into the ear. Move the finger in the different area, so it touches the various places.

Don’t forget that pure essential oils should be mixed with the carrier oil, such as the corn oil, veggie oil, or coconut oil. You only need to add several drops of the oil; no need to add too much. If you do it right with the correct application, these essential oils for clogged ears can really help you and improve your condition.