What Is My Blood Pressure Supposed To Be

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What Is My Blood Pressure Supposed To Be

When it comes to good quality of health, blood pressure is definitely a part of it. But what is my blood pressure supposed to be? If you do not regularly check your blood pressure, it is less likely for you to understand the normal blood pressure reading. Basically, the reading is expressed with two numbers. The first number is on the top and the second number is on the bottom. Let’s learn the basic a little further. The top number is defined as amount of pressure in arteries when the heart muscle contracts. It is usually known as systolic pressure. Meanwhile, the bottom number is defined as blood pressure when the heart muscle contracts between the beats. It is known as diastolic pressure. These two numbers are the ones determine your heart’s state.

What is Normal Reading?

Let’s start by figuring out what is my blood pressure supposed to be. In a normal reading, the top number is between 90 and 120 and the bottom number is between 60 and 80. If your blood pressure measurement is within this range, you are considered having normal blood pressure reading. However, you under some circumstances, the number of the readings may appear to be wrong. It is usually caused by technical error like a broken measurer. Therefore, to get the actual reading, make sure to see the qualified health care provider. If you think your blood pressure reading is not correct, go to another place to get another reading.

What is my blood pressure supposed to be and what if your blood reading is actually not normal? Well, there are two possibilities, low blood pressure and high blood pressure. The low blood pressure is considered an issue. It causes lack of oxygenated supply to your heart and body. This condition is often known as hypotension. You will be more likely feeling weak and nausea if you have hypotension. To address this blood, changing of lifestyle and medicines is needed to return the blood pressure into normal state.

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Another condition of abnormal blood pressure is known as hypertension which refers to high blood pressure. It is a serious condition and can lead to other serious problems like heart attack, kidney failure and stroke. Hypertension refers to higher than 120/80 mm Hg of blood pressure reading. If you receive this number, it means a red flag and an extreme change of lifestyle is required as soon as possible. Usually, before you finally suffer from hypertension, there is an initial stage known as pre-hypertension. At this stage, no medications are needed. However, a change of lifestyle and dietary habit is necessary.

After the pre-hypertension stage, there are further stages of stage 1 to stage 3. Once your blood pressure reading has reached 140/90, you should certainly start to see doctors or take medications. In the stage 2, the reading gets even higher of around 160/100. And the most dangerous stage refers to blood pressure reading above 180/110 mm Hg. If you apparently receive higher reading what is my blood pressure supposed to be, you must start to reduce the sodium intake and do more exercises. Change of lifestyle is the most important part though.

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