Advantages of Adding Essential Oils in Humidifier

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Using Essential Oils in Humidifier

People use essential oils for many reasons. They also use different method to use them. Aside from topical use, people are using essential oils in humidifier. As you probably notice, essential oil has distinctive scent. Most importantly, they also have health benefit as well. By using them in certain method, you can take advantage of the essential oil health benefit. Humidifier is unique tool that you can use to optimize the benefit of essential oils. Here are the reasons why you need to use humidifier with essential oils.

Advantages of Adding Essential Oils in Humidifier

  1. Sprays the essential oils into the air. As the name suggests, humidifier is able to humidify the air in your room. Most people use water to increase the humidity level of dry air. Alternatively, using essential oils in humidifier is also able to make your room less dry. After you add the essential oils in the water, you can put the tank inside the humidifier. Turn the humidifier on to initiate the procedure. The humidifier will help to spray the essential oils into the air along with water vapor. It allows you to get moisturized air with healthy benefits.
  2. The essential oils can be absorbed easily by body. The next benefit of using essential oils in humidifier is associated with the absorbing factor. Your body absorb substance makes contact with it in different ways. Essential oils sprayed by humidifier will be absorbed by your respiration system. It stimulates your smelling sense and gives positive effect to your body. Only small amount of the essential oil is absorbed by the skin of your body. This method will be highly useful for those of you who have sensitive skin condition. Since the essential oils will make contact with extremely low concentration, you do not have to be worried about your skin condition.
  3. Diluting agent is not required. As previously mentioned, essential oil can also be used through topical use. It means that you need to dilute the high concentration of essential oils with diluting agent. When you are using essential oils in humidifier, you do not need any diluting agents. The essential oils will be evaporated along with water vapor into thin air. Using humidifier is efficient way to take advantage of the health benefits offered by essential oils.
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You can take many advantages of using humidifier to spread the essential oils into the air. Humidifier itself is originally intended to increase the moisture of the air. By using this tool, your air is not only having high moisture, but also healthy as well. By breathing the essential oil spread by the humidifier, you do not have to use it topically. Most people with certain skin condition have problem to absorb essential oil. Let alone the difficult procedure required to dilute the essential oil.

Before using essential oils in humidifier you need to keep in mind about one crucial thing. Only certain essential oil can be used in humidifier. The essential oils recommended for humidifier often have pleasant scent. They also have less concentration as well.