How to Get Rid of Tooth Abscess without Dentist

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How to Get Rid of Tooth Abscess without Dentist?

Tooth abscess become one of the most terrible dental issues for some people. If you having the same problem, but do not want to pay a visit to your dentist, this article is all you need. We are going to talk about how to get rid of tooth abscess without dentist. Before talking about that, you might need to know about what causes it first. Tooth abscess is often known as dental infection. When experiencing this problem, your gum will be swelling up. It is filled with puss generated by dead white blood cells. White blood cells are dead to protect your tooth from infection. Since it inflicts pain, you might want to make the pain go away.

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Here are several tips that you can do for it.

Simple Methods on How to Get Rid of Tooth abscess without Dentist

  1. Garlic. Other than being able to give distinct flavor to your cuisine, garlic can also be used for medication as well. In terms of healing your tooth abscess, it produces unique substance called allicin (see Wikipedia: allicin). This amino acid is rich of sulfur. The substance is able to kill bacteria causing dental infection. Other than serving as antimicrobial agent, it is also well known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. The swelling is causing inflammation that inflicts pain. In order to use the garlic, all you need to do is slice it into thin slices and rub it on the affected area. Alternatively, you can also simply add it into your daily meal. It may give burning sensation for a while, which is a normal reaction and nothing to be worried about it.
  2. Clove. The next method on how to get rid of tooth abscess without dentist is by taking advantage of clove. Clove is rich of antiseptic properties. It helps to keep your tooth free from bacteria. Other than being an effective antiseptic, you can also take advantage of its anesthetic benefits. It makes your nerve ends numb, thus reducing the pain effectively. Create paste out of ground clove and mustard. Apply it on the infected area. Alternatively, you can also chew it and put the cloves on the infected area for few minutes. The juices produced by it will help to eliminate the pain.
  3. Salt water. Thankfully, most of the treatment for dental infection can be found in your kitchen. Surely, it is easy to find salt in the kitchen. Aside from having the ability to kill the bacteria, it is also able to reduce your pain as well. The best part about it is you can reduce the swelling. Salt water absorbs the puss inside your swollen gum. Simply dilute one teaspoon of water in warm water and gargle the warm salt water. Spit the warm water out after few minutes. In order to get the best result, you need to repeat the same simple process twice in a day.
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The methods on how to get rid of tooth abscess without dentist above is only recommended if you have mild case of dental infection. Depending on the severity of your dental infection, you might need to visit your dentist. The dentist will give you proper treatment for the dental infection.

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