How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in the House Fast and Naturally

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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in the House Fast and Naturally

Before you think about how to get rid of fruit flies in the house, make sure that your house condition is not habitable for fruit flies. It is important to find some smart ways to make these insects stay away from your house. You can use some natural ingredients or spices. They will repel the fruit flies without disturbing the comfort in the house with terrible smell like if you use insect spray.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in the House with Flavors

Some easy flavors or ingredients you can use to repel these annoying insects are:

  1. Pandan Leaves (Pandanus amaryllifolius). Pandan leaves are widely used as food fragrances and seasonings. Yet, the aroma of pandan leaves is able to repel the fruit flies. It is very easy to use. You just need to prepare some pandan leaves and slice finely. Put the slices in the bowl and place it in the certain area where there are many fruit flies. After several minutes, the aroma of pandan leaves will eliminate the fruit flies.
  2. Lavender. Lavender is not only useful to get rid of mosquitoes. It also works to eliminate the fruit flies in the house. Put a couple of lavender flower into the vase or pot and place it on the dining table, coffee table, in the corner of the room, and everywhere you find the fruit flies. Besides eliminating insects, lavender also decorates the room beautifully.
  3. Clove Seeds. Clove seeds are also annoying for fruit flies. Thus, they will avoid the places where these ingredients are put. How to get rid of fruit flies in the house using clove seeds? It is quite easy. Soak the clove seeds in a bowl of water. Then, place the bowl in several places or spots where there are lots of fruit flies. Immediately, they will go away.
  4. Lemon and Clove Flowers. Slice the lime into 4 slices. Then, plug the dry clove flowers into each slice of lemon and place them on the plate. The fruit flies will be disturbed by the aroma combination of lemon and clover. Other than that, the room will be fresher. Isn’t it easy and simple?
  5. Cinnamon, Garlic, and Chili Powder. These ingredients are also useful not only for food seasoning. Mix them and sprinkle the mixture around the corners of the house. Yet, if you use this mixture, make sure you sprinkle it in some places that cannot be reached by kids.
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To maximize the function of those ingredients, it is also suggested to place some candles on the tables. It is very helpful since the fruit flies are not resistant to smolder.   All of those tricks on how to get rid of fruit flies in the house might be effective. Just try all and find the most effective one. If you have found the best formula, you can apply it routinely but don’t forget to always check your house condition if it is still comfortable for fruit flies.