Normal Blood Pressure For 9 Year Old

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Normal Blood Pressure For 9 Year Old

Health practitioners use blood pressure as indicator to know health status. Besides that, they also conduct examination for pulse rate, body temperature, and respiratory rate. Normal blood pressure for 9 year old is interesting topic to explore because children have quite different result. Blood pressure consists of systolic and diastolic levels. Systolic is pressure when blood hit artery and diastolic is pressure between two heartbeats. Both of them play major role to know health status of children.

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Normal level in blood pressure for children

Why do you need to know normal blood pressure for 9 year old? Firstly, it is for information regarding health status. Secondly, children may need to take certain diet in order to keep blood pressure at normal level. Some diseases can be monitored though blood pressure such as diabetes, respiratory problem, kidney, and cardiovascular attack. Blood pressure is measured regularly and high numbers in six months are not definitely good sign. There is possibility for underlying health issue to solve.

Based on data, 97 to 115 are the systolic level for children between six and nine years old. For diastolic, there are 57 to 79. Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury. Systolic level in normal blood pressure for 9 year old is quite similar to adult. Children have stable blood pressure than baby due to organs work properly. For adults, 90 to 120 are the normal level for systolic. As can see, 97 and 115 are close numbers to that range. Therefore, children are safe when systolic level at those numbers have. This is matter is similar to diastolic pressure.

As mentioned above, knowing blood pressure is important for health treatment. Today, the most invasive disease is no longer bacteria or virus. People have problem with their own weight that lead to many diseases such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. You may thing children cannot get those diseases. Parent with overweight will have high probability to get children at similar problem.

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Controlling blood pressure

Controlling normal blood pressure for 9 year old is not quite difficult. Children have different metabolism and still in development process. Early treatment is needed to keep balance for their future. Firstly, keep food intake as healthy as possible. Give them more vegetables and fruits in order to gain more nutrients. Beside them, children should eat fish product to obtain omega 3 for brain development.

Food intake is not enough when children still get junk foods and beverages. Do not give them such foods at early age. Based on research, children will gain more weight and high blood pressure immediately at short time. It is shorter than adult due to los defensive mechanism. You may see children at 9-year-old have overweight issue due to this condition.

Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle starts from family. In order to keep normal blood pressure for 9 year old, parent should proclaim healthy lifestyle. Children get what parents eat and follow what they do as example. Medication for children is not right solution, unless exceptional situation happen.