A Solution Of How To Get Rid Of Stains And Solve A Discoloration On Your Teeth

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A Solution of How to Get Rid of Stains And Solve A Discoloration on Your Teeth

How to get rid of stains on teeth’s question often comes up on people’s mind, moreover for those who do really love drinking coffee everyday. As we know that coffee and cigarettes are the main reasons that make your teeth to be full of stains, and usually it also affects the teeth to have a discoloration, or it changes to be yellow.

– The first thing that you need to do is check your teeth to a professional dentist. Since those over-the-counter teeth whitener and whitening toothpaste contain different materials, you need to know what your teeth need to make it whiter than before. Make sure you don’t use the wrong product because if it is not appropriate, it will harm your own teeth.

– The second thing is you need to know the materials contained in both over-the-counter teeth whitener and whitening toothpaste. Since in teeth whitening products there must be a peroxide substance, you need to know the level of hydrogen peroxide contained in the product. The whitening toothpaste usually contains 1% to 1.5% hydrogen peroxide, while over-the-counter teeth whitener contains 6% to 10% peroxide. Choose the product wisely in order to make the process of whitening your teeth works well. For some cases, when your discoloration of your teeth is already severe, you can try another product which contains more hydrogen peroxide. For example, there is tray-and-gel systems which contains 10% to 15% hydrogen peroxide. Thus, this article will discuss several tips how to get rid of stains on teeth with different treatment.

• Using whitening toothpaste
The very first thing in answering how to get rid of stains on teeth question is by using a whitening tooth paste. Even though it is not as cheap as ordinary toothpaste, the cost is much cheaper than laser teeth whitening method. However, every method also has the advantages and disadvantages. Using whitening toothpaste takes more time rather than using laser teeth whitening method. You also need to use it routinely just like what you do in tooth brushing. It takes around two to three weeks to get the effect of whitening process. It will not be as perfect as laser teeth whitening method, but this method is the most usable method, according to the survey.

• Using teeth whitening pen
Whitening pen contains peroxide, as a main active ingredient. Based on American Dental Association (ADA), peroxide is divided into two: hydrogen peroxide and urea. This substance affects to light the color of your teeth. Besides peroxide, the other ingredients contained in whitening pen are glycerin, carbopol, sodium hydroxide, and flavoring agents. Since the color of your teeth is influenced by many things such as cigarettes, coffee, and alcohol drinking as well, using whitening pen can help you to get your white teeth instantly. Actually, the whitening pen doesn’t work as fast as you think, it will be better if you avoid eat and drink around an hour after you use it. Whitening pen is quite easy to use and also as effective as the other products. What you need to do is only twist and brush your teeth. It is much recommended to use it twice a day. The process of using it is started by brushing your teeth with a toothbrush which includes a whitening pen. After that you can remove the top cap and twist the bottom one until the gel can be seen. The last one is use the whitening gel into all of your teeth. You need to keep it on your teeth to make it work.

• Laser teeth whitening
This method is the fastest method to whiten your teeth. This method is supported by high technology which is trusted and already used by several professional dentists. This method aims to lighten and whiten up your teeth and also speed up the lighting and whitening process. However, this method will take a lot of your money. Since this method is supported by several high technology machines, the cost is very expensive

• LED teeth whitening
This method uses a device which emits a blue light as an accelerator for the oxidizing agent hydrogen peroxide to the teeth. The teeth whitening process is a bleaching process that lightens discoloration of teeth enamel. The blue light in this method is used in a range of wavelength 430nm to 490nm. This wavelength is the most ideal range in doing the process. This thing is the simplest cosmetic that can be used as long as the use is right. Keep the wavelength stable is one of the examples of using the product well.Discoloration-on-Your-Teeth

Firstly, you need to apply the gel to your teeth. Place the light directly to the teeth and start running for the treatment around 15 to 20 minutes. The more treatment you do the more result you will get. The LED teeth whitening will make your teeth lighter and whiter, but it all depends on several factors such as what the factor and reason that cause the coloration of your teeth, what the effect and the reaction of the user to the peroxide, and of course how many treatments that the user does routinely. However, it will make a different result based on how you do it, weather it is carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. After all this is the best answer for a question like how to get rid of stains on teeth.

After knowing those treatments above, hopefully you can get several important information about how to get rid of stains on teeth and how to solve it by cleaning and whitening your teeth. Thus, it is still much better if you go to an expert or a specialist doctor to guide you about what kind of treatments that will be good to try. After all, you also need to go to check up your teeth, at least, every month to the doctor, in order to know the condition about your teeth. In conclusion, by breading this article, hopefully there will not be a question like how to get rid of stains on teeth any more when you have this kind of problem with your teeth.

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