How to Get Rid Of Open Comedones on Legs with Easy Ways

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How to Get Rid Of Open Comedones on Legs with Easy Ways

Medical treatments

It is named a strawberry dot because it is taken from the physical appearance of the strawberry skin which has a dark dot. Of course, on the strawberry, that will be awesome, but it is not on the legs. Basically, the form of the black dots on the legs are similar to the Comedones on nose even forehead. They are a gathered dead cell of the skin which trapped inside the pores. If they are getting the air and having the sun, the oxidizing term will turn them into black and their hue such as brown. However, to tackle this issue, we cannot compare it with the dots on the nose. This is more complicated because they will regularly appear after we shave them. To break them down, it needs more efforts and time to see the best result. Well, the medical treatment based on dermatologist will be useful how to get rid some open comedones on legs. In a day, the exfoliation is the key method.

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To apply how to get rid of open Comedones on legs, we can combine the approach of proper shave every three days and mix with the chemical exfoliation in the third time. If you do this frequently on the right schedule will be helpful to remove them completely. Besides, massages the legs with olive oil can maximize the result. The oil will remove the rest of the dirt and the undesired cell by pressing a whole skin of the legs. This massage called ‘vertical line’.

By penetrating your thumb on the knees and directing to the ankle repeatedly, the unwanted-dead skin will come out automatically. The last, we can prepare the cold water before we clean them with the gentle-dried towel. Personally, getting rid of open Comedones on the legs, I personally allocate my time at the night of the day off or in the morning when there is no working. This is worthy to do because the beauty requires time.

Prevent acts how to avoid strawberry legs

After doing the treatment above, there are some extra points that you have to do in order to support your effort. One is to replace the clothes, towels, and bath mitts regularly. Those items are the place to live the bacteria and they will move to your body when you dry your selves. Especially for the clothes, they are the prior contributing item to regrow the dark spots.

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That is why; you must change your clothes after you got sweat and hung them separately if you want to use them again. Three times in use is a maximum to wear the clothes. Not only that, you should consider about the razor or any kinds of the shaving equipment for ridding of open Comedones on your own legs that potentially can produce some bacteria. In fact, changing them regularly is better rather than use them until they dull. Second, to empower the maximum result, it is better to use the salicylic acid soap. This works to exfoliate your skin and it allows to recurrence of the Comedones on the legs.

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Some chemical acid made by some factories can be taken as guaranteed. The last, it would be much better if you exfoliate the legs every time before you shave your skin legs. Based on this tips, there are some alternative point of view to use on how to get rid of open Comedones on legs. Yet, I prefer the tips according to dermatologist treatment to other tips because experts gain a lot of information on their field. However, there is often a hard dark spot to remove and it is time to consult to the dermatologist. Perhaps, there is something wrong on the instruction that you miss to do or you have different types of pigment which requires high treatments to examine.