How To Get Rid Of Water Bugs Naturally

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What do water bugs eat?

Though it is small animal, water bug is considered as a predator. It kills and eats other insects. It even eats other small animals in the water like tadpoles or minnows. Water bug is also a scavenger. Oriental cockroach or known as black water bug have no problem eating decaying matters or garbage. Water bug loves sweet foods too. Therefore don’t leave dirty dishes and trash in the kitchen, and don’t forget to clean your kitchen every time you finish the work.

Do water bugs bite?

Yes, they do and their bite is painful. Water bug is an aggressive animal. When another species comes to their area, they don’t hesitate to bite the invader in order to tell the invader that they do not like if anybody disturb their space. Water bug has venom in its mouth. When it bites the enemy, it releases the venom into the enemy’s body and suck liquefied tissue out of the enemy’s body. The venom can cause inflammation on human, and allergic reaction when it gets severed.

How to get rid of water bugs permanently?

Before we talk about the remedies, let’s see what we can do to get rid of water bugs permanently.

  • Seal the leaks in the house. Like we said before, water bugs love to live in and near water. One of their favorite place is leaking pipes. If water bugs suddenly came to your house, you might have leaks in your house. Find where they are, and seal them all. That will significantly reduce the attendance of water bugs in your house.
  • Make notice if there are any stagnant water around the house or any stuffs that can collect water because those can be conducive places for water bugs breeding and hatching their eggs. Empty those places regularly before they attract water bugs.