How To Get Rid Of Water Bugs Naturally

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How to get rid of waterbugs naturally?

When these eight steps are not enough to rid of water bugs, you can make remedies on how to get rid of waterbugs naturally like these:

  • Vinegar spray. Add 300 ml vinegar into spray bottle. Spray it all over the place where water bugs might stay and walk around. Leave it be and don’t wipe it off. Do it again when you think it has worn off. The composition of vinegar can kill water bugs and the bacteria which are brought by water bugs. The higher concentration of vinegar, the more effective it can kill water bugs.
  • Hot water. Pour boiled water on or in the area where water bugs reside. Be careful with the splash. Increase the quantity of water if there are more water bugs in your house. Hot water not only can break the outer shell of water bugs, but hot water can also clean fungus.
  • Alcohol. Add alcohol into spray bottle, and spray it on the places where water bugs stay and live. Don’t wipe it out for a while. Alcohol can kill water bugs and cockroaches along with their eggs by drying them out. Spray alcohol again to make sure you don’t miss anything including the eggs that may pop out from its mother.
  • Algaecide. If you have swimming pool, have you ever notice algae on the bottom of the pool? These algae is the food source for water bugs. Cut their food source and they will die. Add pool shocking chemical and leave it for couple of days until the chlorine levels are rising. Then add algaecide by following the instructions on the package and leave it overnight. Vacuum and clean the pool from dead algae and dead water bugs.
  • Liquid dish soap. Dilute liquid dish soap with water, and add them into spray bottle. Spray liquid soap dilution on and around swimming pool. The soap change the surface tension of the water. Water bugs which have to surface sometimes to catch breath, cannot stand on the surface. Therefore they will drown and die. You can wait them floating on the surface then scoop them out, or let pool filtration take them out automatically. If possible use biodegradable soap, so that won’t harm the pool.
  • Cold water. Water bugs cannot stand an extreme temperature in the water. Spray cold water all over the place where water bugs running around or residing. Spray it again every ten minutes.
  • Boric acid. You can use dry boric powder or dilute it to form liquid solution. Locate the places where the presence of water bugs is most seen. Sprinkle thin layer of boric powder on the location. Liquid solution is easier to apply. Boric acid has burning effects to water bugs. They will get hot sensation and inflammation once they have direct contact with boric acid. Thus water bugs will die because of inflammation. Boric acid also can be an antibacterial agent.
  • Baking soda and powdered sugar. Baking soda has composition that could give fatal reaction to water bugs, while powdered sugar is a bait to lure water bugs since they love sweet foods. Mix baking soda and powdered sugar in equal ratio, then sprinkle the mixture in thin layer on or around the area where water bugs are most seen.
  • Peppermint oil. Water bugs cannot stand with the aroma of peppermint oil. It is too strong for their sense of smell. Add few drops onto the water, and spray the mixture on the area where water bugs has stayed.

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